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  • 72" Ancient China: $599,999.99

    72" Ancient China Purple Bronze Feng shui Wealth Lion Beast Statue Pair H 180 Cm

  • 30" High Quality: $498,000.00

    30" High Quality 100% Natural Emerald Jadeite Jade Wealth Baicai Cabbage Pair

  • 21" Top-notch Natural: $350,000.00

    21" Top-notch Natural Jadeite Emerald Magnolia Flower Bottle Vase Jar Pot Pair

  • China Wood Cloisonne: $290,000.00

    China Wood Cloisonne Phoenix Peacock Wardrobe Armoire Cupboard Cabinet Pair

  • China Bronze Cloisonne: $226,054.40

    China Bronze Cloisonne Enamel Phoenix Birds Crane Vase Bottle Jar Pot Vase Pair

  • RARE Pair Chinese: $225,000.00

    RARE Pair Chinese Xiaoye Zitan Hardwood Carved Low Back Arm Chair w No Mix Wood

  • Chinese Yue Kiln: $200,000.00

    Chinese Yue Kiln Storehouse Pair of the Western Jin Dynasty (265-317AD)

  • Ming Imperial Qinghua: $200,000.00

    Ming Imperial Qinghua Story Gu Vase Pair Chenghua Mark and Period (1464-1487)

  • 172CM Huge Purple: $198,000.00

    172CM Huge Purple Bronze Fengshui Foo Fu Dog Guardion Lion Animal Statue Pair

  • Royal 100% pure: $180,000.00

    Royal 100% pure Bronze cloisonne 24K Gold Crane Longevity Blessing Vases pair

  • Chinese Old He: $168,000.00

    Chinese Old He Tian Jade Nephrite Carved Dynasty Beast Zun Ding Pot Vase A Pair

  • 27" Rare Natural: $149,800.00

    27" Rare Natural Dushan Jade Carving Wealth Pixiu Dragon Turtle Vase Bottle Pair

  • China Bronze Cloisonne: $148,711.20

    China Bronze Cloisonne Enamel Kylin Kylin Dragon Beast Foo Dog Statue Pair

  • Chinese Natural Old: $140,620.00

    Chinese Natural Old Jade Nephrite Carved Dynasty Beast Zun Ding Pot Vase A Pair

  • A Pair Of: $140,000.00

    A Pair Of Large Chinese Porcelain Vases

  • 28" Marked Cloisonne: $129,999.00

    28" Marked Cloisonne Enamel 24K Gold Guardian Foo Fu Dog Door Lion Statue Pair

  • Natural Hetian White: $129,500.00

    Natural Hetian White Jade Inlay Gems Dragon Lotus Flower Vase Bottle Pot Pair

  • 70" Large China: $128,000.00

    70" Large China FengShui Pure Bronze Cloisonne Kylin Qilin Unicorn Statue Pair

  • Pair Chinese Rosewood Relief: $124,600.00

    Pair Chinese Rosewood Relief Foo Dog Carving Compound Tall Cabinets SDC1

  • Pair of 19th: $116,250.00

    Pair of 19th Century Meissen Porcelain Gorgeous Vases 1880s

  • Tibet Buddhism Red: $112,640.00

    Tibet Buddhism Red Copper Gold Gilt Auspicious Lucky Peace Elephant Statue Pair

  • China Copper Bronze: $111,654.40

    China Copper Bronze Cloisonne Enamel Elephant Incense Burner Dragon Censer Pair

  • Palace Bronze Cloisonne: $111,654.40

    Palace Bronze Cloisonne Enamel Bei Jing Guardian Fu Foo Dog Lion Statue Pair

  • Chinese Copper Bronze: $111,271.60

    Chinese Copper Bronze Cloisonne Enamel Dragon Pot Vase Fu Foo Dog Lion Jar Pair

  • 43" Top Value: $99,800.00

    43" Top Value 100% Natural Jasper Jade Dynasty Dragon Phoenix Chair Statue Pair

  • Natural Grade A: $98,000.00

    Natural Grade A Jadeite Green Emerald Jade Peach Peaches Yuanbao Coin Money Pair

  • China Copper Cloisonne: $87,989.44

    China Copper Cloisonne Enamel Crane Pot Vases Sika Deer Flower Bottle Vase Pair

  • Chinese Bronze Cloisonne: $87,989.44

    Chinese Bronze Cloisonne Enamel Feng Shui Animal Tang Horse Steed Statue Pair

  • Bronze Cloisonne Phoenix: $87,989.44

    Bronze Cloisonne Phoenix Dragon Lamp Palace Lantern Incense Burner Censer Pair

  • Copper Bronze Cloisonne: $87,900.56

    Copper Bronze Cloisonne Enamel Dragons Incense burner Beast Head Censer Pair

  • 160CM Top Rare: $85,999.00

    160CM Top Rare Natural Green Jade Dragon Loong Beast Incense Burner Censer Pair

  • 52"Huge China Royal: $79,999.00

    52"Huge China Royal 100% Pure Bronze Gild Cloisonne Dragon PIXIU censer pair

  • Rare Cloisonne Bronze: $79,800.00

    Rare Cloisonne Bronze 100% 24k Gold Lion Fu Foo Dog Guardion Beast Statue Pair

  • Natural Jadeite Emerald: $79,480.00

    Natural Jadeite Emerald Jade Hand Carving Pixiu Brave Troops Guardian Beast Pair

  • Old Red Copper: $78,232.00

    Old Red Copper Gold Gilt Green TaRa Kwan-Yin Guan Yin Goddess Buddha Statue Pair

  • 1Pair High Grade: $77,369.01

    1Pair High Grade Reusable Chopsticks Metal Chinese Stainless Steel Chop Sticks

  • Lavender Jadeite Pair: $75,000.00

    Lavender Jadeite Pair Bangle Bracelets Translucent GIA Cert

  • 28"China Regius 100%: $69,999.00

    28"China Regius 100% pure bronze 24K Gold Cloisonne Dragon Pot Crock Vase pair

  • Xinjiang Natural Hetian: $69,999.00

    Xinjiang Natural Hetian White Jade Dragon kylin Beast Seal Stamp Signet Pair

  • 22" Top Natural: $69,800.00

    22" Top Natural Agate Onyx Bronze Gold Gilt Gem Chair Stool Armchair Statue Pair

  • China Old Antique: $69,000.00

    China Old Antique Bronze 24k Gold Gilding Shang Dynasty Crock Tank Pot Vase Pair

  • 16" Natural Emerald: $68,888.00

    16" Natural Emerald Green Jade Jadeite Dragon Beast Kirin Unicorn Statue Pair

  • 86iNCH China temple: $66,856.80

    86iNCH China temple Bronze Door deity Deva kings Heng Ha Two warrior Statue Pair

  • 59 INCH Chinese: $60,965.00

    59 INCH Chinese Bronze Copper Feng Shui Guardian Evil Door Fu Foo Dog Lion Pair

  • Pair 55'' Old: $59,999.00

    Pair 55'' Old Bronze cloisonne enamel royal guard male and female foo dogs lion

  • 58" Huge Cloisonne: $59,800.00

    58" Huge Cloisonne Purple Bronze 24K Gold Dragon Lonng Hold Bead Statue Pair

  • 25" Super Natural: $59,500.00

    25" Super Natural Hetian White Jade Dragon Pattern Tank Pot Jar canister Pair

  • China Bronze Gold: $58,000.00

    China Bronze Gold Gilt Cloisonne Foo Dog Lion Candle Holder Candlestick Pair

  • 34" Huge Top: $58,000.00

    34" Huge Top Natural Jadeite Emerald Dragon Kylin Qilin Yuanbao Money Gourd Pair

  • 33" Tibet Buddhism: $58,000.00

    33" Tibet Buddhism Bronze 100% 24K Gold turquoise Gem Elephant Statue Pair

  • He Tian Old: $56,755.00

    He Tian Old Jade Nephrite Dynasty Carving Bird Palace Lantern candlestick A Pair

  • China Natural He: $56,500.00

    China Natural He Tian Green Jade Jasper Carved Pumpkin Tank Crock Pot Vase Pair

  • Unique Natural Green: $55,000.00

    Unique Natural Green Jade Longevity Dragon Tortoise Turtle Animal Statue Pair

  • Royal Chinese Dynasty: $55,000.00

    Royal Chinese Dynasty Cloisonne Palace Emperor Dragon throne tablet chair Pair

  • A Pair Large: $54,500.00

    A Pair Large and Rare Chinese Qing Kangxi Style Blue and White Temple Jars.

  • PAIR MASSIVE AND: $50,000.00


  • Pair 57'' Natural: $50,000.00

    Pair 57'' Natural Serpentine jade bring treasure fortune dragon kylin unicorn

  • 27" Cloisonne Enamel: $50,000.00

    27" Cloisonne Enamel 24K Gold Dragon Elephant Monkey 4 Layer Incense Burner Pair

  • 100% Natural Emerald: $49,800.00

    100% Natural Emerald Jadeite Jade Dragon kylin Kirin Chi-Lin Kilin Ruyi Pair AAA

  • 47" Huge Purple: $49,800.00

    47" Huge Purple Bronze Cloisonne Enamel Gold Gilt Foo Fu Dog Door Lion Kid Pair

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